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This is the garden: colours come and go...
      This is the garden: pursed lips do blow
      ~ E. E. Cummings

The garden is a playful experiment in the hot and dry climate of south India - playing with both cultivated and wild plants, grasses, bamboo, shrubs and trees. Lawns consume too much water, so Gaia’s Garden uses pebbles and stones as a counterbalance to harmonise the yin and the yang.

Experimenting and not having over-strict rules in gardening can give unexpected surprises and a new way of gardening. The combinations are endless. A garden is never finished - it is, as Life, an ongoing process and a dialogue with nature; it seeks attention all the time.

To enjoy the abundance of nature, be quiet and just BE. Stop analysing with the mind for a while and just look, listen and feel the whole garden, its light, colours, and shapes. Experience THE PRESENCE.

Photography by Richard Decker

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