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The Hosts

Meet us

Kireet + Gaya & Cesar

As an adventurous young Dutchman, Gerard, aka Kireet, travelled the world over with his friend Rob in the 1970s. After deciding to make Auroville his home, he became instrumental in water conservation efforts leading to an improved water table for both Auroville and the surrounding villages.

Previously a teacher in the Netherlands with an understanding for the value of education, he founded a school for the local Tamil children. In Gaia’s Garden of Auroville (the first Gaia’s Garden was founded by Kireet in the Netherlands), Kireet designed the place on eco-friendly principles and to connect our guests to Mother Nature. He planted every single plant in Gaia’s Garden when he bought the original cashew tope for Auroville in 1996. Since then, he has been working every day in the garden as a gardener.

Younge, aka Gaya, came from Korea in 1997 as the first Korean national of Auroville. She had been a publisher, managed bookshops, had previously worked for the Korean government and also as a journalist. She has always been interested in community and when she came to Auroville on holiday, she was surprised to see people living together in a green forest which was once barren. Before settling in Gaia’s Garden, she had lived in 15 different places in Auroville, and had worked in a variety of work areas.

Cesar is everywhere!

GG lovely Cesar

Kireet and Gaya love dogs and have had many over the years. As Gaia’s Garden is in a rural area, it is good to have some psychological security. Cesar was born on 12 February, 2017. As a companion, Cesar is lovely, attentive and faithful. He is always happy to meet new guests, become friends with them and ready to get himself a pet.

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