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The Team

We're Here

Office team: Suresh, Sophie and Gaya
Guesthouse team: Murugan, Indra, Revathy and Devi
Garden team: Kireet, Muruganandan, Balaji

When you arrive at Gaia’s Garden, you will be welcomed by our team. You may find Suresh, Sophie or Gaya working at the reception office, Murugan at the guesthouse, while Kireet is most likely in the garden. If you are curious to know the name of flowers or rain water harvesting in the field or would like to have tips for designing your house or garden ecologically, please go talk to him!

Gaia’s Garden was created as a bridge for people to experience and gain understanding of Auroville as a community. The GG team members are always excited to hear your stories, as well as to share their own adventures.

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