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  Come into Gaia's Garden  

Gaia’s Garden ebbs and flows with the abundant colours of Nature. Greetings of blue from Morning Glory, Lily blushing coral pink, Hibiscus gathering its red chiffon folds. Water lily in vivid purple, the immaculate white of Plumeria, and the lush green of foliage in embrace. Resonate with the sound of Nature and take delight in its many scents.

The dream for community life in the nature
Expansion and harmony
sitting area and library



Wake up to the song of birds.

Catch sparkling water dancing on leaves.

Stay still under the old banyan tree.

Snuggle into the sweetest dream as the intoxicating fragrance of the Queen of the Night fills the air.

And feel fully alive before the great rising sun in the Bay of Bengal.


All these gifts we receive with gratitude. It is the perfect time to discover our true selves again, in the beating heart of Mother Nature. What we are seeking may well be found on this journey...


integrated flower petals


Resonate with the sound of Nature and take delight in its many scents. All is love, joy and yes, endurance. We do everything that we have to do, everything that we could do. The rest is in the graceful hands of Gaia, Mother Nature.

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gaia's garden in the Netherlands



In 1990, Kireet created his first Gaia's Garden in Drenthe, the Netherlands. 

A few years later, he landed in Auroville of South India, where a single banyan tree stood on barren earth. During monsoon, he saw a river of red soil rushing into the sea. He thought to himself, "I must do something." And so he built check dams to conserve water bodies, which in turn nurtured the trees people were starting to plant everywhere.

Centered and expanded with green flowers
The weaving of life among ourselves
Three essences of true life in the society

No one arrives in Auroville by accident. People have been gravitating towards this international township of community living and collective progress over the past five decades. Here in a lush enclave on the eastern coast of south India, 10 km from Pondicherry, people dedicate their lives in reforestation, water restoration, among other creative and ecological endeavours.


Gaia’s Garden has been part of this evolving Auroville experiment in human progress for the past 27 years. Such aspiration is not limited to residents of Auroville - visitors and guests from all over the world come here to sample what other possibilities life offers, apart from the mundane and the known. 

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